Training of volunteers for World Cup approaches the end

Por: 0 27 de Maio de 2014 03:22

With only a few weeks left for FIFA's 2014 World Culp in Brazil beginning, McDonald's, official sponsor, is preparing to complete the hospitality training of the 15,000 volunteers who will be working during the tournament. As in FIFA's 2013 Confederations Cup in Brazil, training of volunteers for the World Cup was divided in two phases: online course (ended April 30); and classroom training, taking place between May 17 and 18, in stadiums where the games will take place. [caption id="attachment_396040" align="aligncenter" width="560"]Claudio Moura em treinamento realizado na Arena Fonte Nova, em Salvador. Claudio Moura em treinamento realizado na Arena Fonte Nova, em Salvador.  [/caption] According to Andre Pimenta, McDonald's head of the Department of Operations and Training Development, "the classroom training is essential so that volunteers can review the concepts they learned in the online training and get to know their peers." image_subtitle: Claudio Moura in training on Fonte Nova Arena, in Salvador. The 2014 version of McDonald's Hospitality Course is even more interactive and geared towards everyday volunteer’s situations. Through a playful method, using practical examples from the Confederations Cup, we are able to transmit concepts regarding good practices of interaction with the public, plus tips on how to deal with people from different cultures. "The volunteers are completing a high-end course, developed by a corporate university with experience in training its more than 40,000 employees", notes João Celio Oliveira, Training Director from the Brazil Arcos Dourados Division. The topics covered are focused on management, operations, sustainability and leadership. The 2014 World Cup begins on June 12, in Sao Paulo, which will host the opening match between Brazil and Croatia, in Group A of the competition.