Toyota Motors Sales and Studio4ºC presents film at Kyoto

Por: 0 21 de Setembro de 2012

Toyota Motor Sales & Marketing (TMSM) is exhibiting PES (Peace Eco Smile), an animation film produced in collaboration with Studio4C, at Kyoto's first large-scale manga & anime trade show, the "Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair 2012" (September 21-23, 2012, at Kyoto-shi Kangyo Miyakomesse, Kyoto). The film is a story about Pes, an extraterrestrial being who comes to discover the value of Earth and the joy of mobility through his unique alien perspectives. TMSM also collaborate with Kyoto, the city representing traditional japanese culture, aiming at spreading "Japanese Culture" to the world by putting their cutting-edge creations and Kyoto's traditional craftsmanship together. "Su", one of the mascots in PES, has toured around the town of Kyoto to enjoy the taste of its history and tradition. The spots he visited include the Museum of Kyoto where Su met Kyoto's mascot "Mayumaro" in the patio, and Le Grand Bleu, confectionary who has collaborated with this project to make make original sweets "Kyo-nasu Cookies" which contain Kyoto’s traditional eggplants as an ingredient. Su drew lots of attention from kids on the streets of Kyoto. During the event, many people have visited the PES booth watching all the PES episodes on booth displays. On the other side is a trick art painting that makes attendees feel PES's complex world of reality and virtual reality. They can also enjoy playing with a PES AR (Augmented Reality) app and cards. TMSM hopes people will enjoy these booth activities and feel a close connection to PES.