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T-Rex's replica surprises people the streets of London

Por: 0. 18 de Junho de 2015

One of the most used promotional marketing strategies are the live marketing actions (about 12.22 percent, according to a study). These actions can bring products or services to consumers and make them more in many cases, only experiments. The National Geographic Channel, used the fever of the dinosaurs to activate their programming through an innovative way. The streets of London, walking a truck with a realistic body of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, who was en route to a "autopsy".

Photos: Disclosure
cgz-ytww0aan2lt-andrewblochjpg Hundreds of people were surprised to see the huge dinosaur body covered with a white sheet and blood stains, so they decided to take several photos and share them on social networks. cgztyf4w8aauumb-shakacarnagejpg This marketing strategy was used masterfully by the channel, which caused great repercussions in social media, in addition to causing a "riot" in the streets of the English capital. dinorex2