Starbucks cups become garden in South Korea

Por: 0 22 de Outubro de 2014

In South Korea, the annual consumption of plastic coffee cups is equivalent to 1.93 kilograms per capita, 338 coffees made ??in a year. Consumption of plastic constantly increasing which makes Kim and Sean Changbum Sehyun to develop the project "Takeout Your Garden". This project proposes to reuse the famous plastic cups of Starbucks for growing plants. The idea was put freely available on Starbucks with small bags of compost and seeds, which could also be attached to the cup. starbucks A small QR Code allow the consumer to understand the operation using a mobile website and a video that explains how to proceed. Specifically, you should fill the tank with water and then put a plastic ball (included in the device) containing potting soil to support the thrust of your seeds. Obviously this whole project could be relayed on social networks and in the 51 countries of the world where Starbucks is present and thus reaching nearly one billion people: not to mention the reduction of waste plastic cups.