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Soap brand shows its effectiveness in promotional action

Por: 0. 25 de Junho de 2015

How many times have we heard that the hands are the body part that has more contact with the germs, they often have contact with many dirty surfaces in public transport or shopping carts. In this situation, the Lifebuoy soap brand recognized around the world, decided to make a live marketing action using shopping carts in a supermarket in Saudi Arabia, to demonstrate the effectiveness of its formula to eliminate germs.

Photo: Disclosure.
Lifebuoy This action were installed in each shopping trolley a device for cleaning the bar where you put your hands, so this way when passed from one side to another bar, it was cleaned with antibacterial soap. There were also printed the phrase "Kills 99.9 percent of germs with a pass" for people to realize the effectiveness of Lifebuoy. Furthermore, the market also benefited from this mark activation, since it offers a unique hygiene shopping experience. Check out the video of activation: