Slim vending machine promotes Diet Coke in France

Por: 0 14 de Outubro de 2014

vending machine slim is the newest stunt of Ogilvy & Mather in France to promote a slimmer version of the best drinking soda in the world: Diet Coke. Slender Vender is newest promotional marketing of the brand and was arranged in several key places in the city with more slim and elegant women in the world: Paris. vending machine magra coca-cola light Shopping centers, subway stations and even gyms were setting for this action. Besides arouse curiosity, the activation certainly made people who might never have been drinking Diet Coke before to experience it. Again a stunt for Coca-Cola perfectly aligned with the target audience in question. vending machine magra coca-cola light 2vending machine magra coca-cola light 1 Watch the video: