Two promo initiatives from Nescafe for a great day

Por: 0 15 de Agosto de 2014

Nescafe has brought some interesting innovations for coffee lovers around the world. First it was the alarm clock on the package limited edition cover, then the wake up machine and now we received details on two recent activities. One happened in Paris. Global Geometry created by the agency, the brand decided to make the beginning of the day in a time less lonely. For this, encartou a French edition of free newspaper Metro paper folding mugs. nescafe The simple and unique operation passes the values ??of sharing and exchange, as well recently worked for Coca-Cola. Check out the action in the video: (attention, get ready to see amazing pictures of Paris dawn!) The second novelty is an application for smartphones, Wake Up Network (Awakening). The goal: to offer the opportunity to wake someone up at random in the world. So it is very simple: you just need to record a video on the application. After entering the alarm time, the unknown will be awakened by a video her. The Wake Up Network presents itself as a fun and unique initiative to put a little fun in the alarm clock. In addition, of course, encourages a global and borderless contact.