Police Blitz hands out ice cream in the USA

Por: 0 10 de Fevereiro de 2015

Being stopped by the police is always scaring. In the United States, it seems to be even worse. But who would say, it has the potential of turning into a promotional marketing action, and that's what the ice cream brand Wall's did. Real California police officers made a different kind of blitz - blitz being understood both in the promotional sense as in the sense of an obligatory stop. Rather than asking for documents or distributing fines, police handed out ice cream. policial_distribui_sorvete The dynamic was simple and effective: upon being flagged, drivers were forced to stop. After the scare - we can see the face of dread of people in the video. One driver even cries! - the officer asks for a moment and goes back to the car. After the suspense, the police man comes back with ice cream. As we are talking about a much more critical country than Brazil, this live promotional marketing action generated some angst, which could be observed in the Facebook video comments. Some think that this was abuse of power in favor of a brand; others believe that the police is a public service and should not be used for private purposes. How would you solve this impasse, since, in fact, this action brings some fun and may even inspire people to respect the police, not by the power of their orders, but by the security that they are supposed to represent?