Nike exchanges exercise for products

Por: 0 23 de Julho de 2014 03:22

Nike+FuelBand everybody knows, but how about Nike+FuelBox? The new promotional marketing of the sports brand aims to motivate customers to move, and for this they may be rewarded with special products. The FuelBox is a vending machine with sports accessories. The first experiment is being done in New York. But the cool thing is: to get the accessories, users just need to connect the FuelBand bracelet used as currency.
Imagens: divulgação/ Nike
nike 1To make the conversion, the brand has created its own currency: the NikeFuels. A pair of Nike socks cost 500 NikeFuels. A Nike+SmartWatch costs 12,000 NikeFuels. To accumulate NikeFuels you need to workout a lot. The time and effort are translated into the FuelBand and when you have enough NikeFuels, there is the possibility to exchange accessories for free. nike 3The first machine is in action in new places every day. To know the location, you must follow the official Twitter account @NIKENYC and see clues about its position in the NYC. The idea behind this unique promotional marketing action for equipment will amplify again the experience around its line of sports accessories online. nike