Newstyle activates Antartica's Guarana to the World Cup

Por: 0 2 de Junho de 2014

In the months preceding the World Cup, Newstyle and Antarctica's Guarana decided to give a power boost to the Brazilian fans. During May and June, Wal-Mart visitors across the country will be invited to wear the Brazilian uniform shirt to prepare for the biggest sporting event in the world, with the promotional marketing action "Brazil in the chest. Guarana in the hand." Created by Newstyle, the promotional action promises to shake hundreds of stores with the new brand communication, which emphasizes the expression of thousands of Brazilian fans at the games in the lawns. The goal of the action is to increase the turnover of Guarana Antarctica in stores and strengthen the brands relationship in the points of sale. acaopromo guarana antarctica pdv To enter, consumers only need to buy six 350 ml cans or three 2 liters bottles of Antarctica Guarana, plus R$ 19.90. Participants can choose from five exclusive models that recall achievements from 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002 World Cups. In addition to the promotion, the agency is already signed to creating and producing all of the merchandising in the POS.