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Movie had a big surprise during the activation event

Por: 0. 5 de Junho de 2015

As part of a strategy to the activation of  the movie Magic Mike XXL, Channing Tatum actor posed as a marketing executive and interviewed a group of people on the tape. Then he gave them a big surprise. The producers of Magic Mike XXL, a film about a group of strippers, were associated with Omaze organization to a surprise event disguised as a focus group in which Channing Tatum dressed old man asking the questions.

Photo: YouTube's reproduction.
magic mike To activate cited a group of people who were assured they would see the film "3D", but the matter was so "real" that the strippers themselves were in the theater. In the end, Tatum revealed his true identity to surprise of the attendees were mostly women. The marketing gimmick is also part of a contest that includes a trip to the premiere of the film.