McDonald's turns packaging into game

Por: 0 6 de Junho de 2014 03:06

Customers from all around the world will soon notice something different at McDonald's. From May 27, the traditional Mc Fries red packing will receive an unprecedented and bold redesign. To celebrate FIFA's 2014 World Cup, McDonald's has summoned a renowned selection of urban artists to lend their talent to the famous Mc Fries boxes, transforming them into works of art. embalagem copa mcdonalds The network proposed to 12 artists from different countries, the challenge of creating an illustration that represents the energy, excitement and passion for football. In Brazil, Eduardo Kobra, known for his beautiful murals on the streets of Sao Paulo, was the one chosen by McDonald's. With his famous colored streaks, Kobra created an illustration titled "The world united by football." "It is the first time that Mc Fries packages are changed on a global level. This was prepared to celebrate one of the biggest sporting events in the world, by combining art and football with the famous Mc Fries ", says Roberto Gnypek, vice president of Marketing at McDonald's in Brazil. The unique packaging will give access to a new app, called "McDonald's GOAL!” that will bring football fanatics an engaging game. Upon recognizing the art on the boxes, the smartphone or other mobile devices will open on the screen the image of a football field in augmented reality. The goal is to "kick" the ball with finger touches into the goal. The results will be recorded by country in a world ranking. "Customers from around the world will be involved in the festive mood of FIFA's World Cup by the app McDonald's GOAL! We want to expand their experience with this event, making possible global interaction with a unique and innovative application", concludes Roberto Gnypek. The promotional marketing action in Brazil will be present at all the restaurants from the network until the end of the 2014 World Cup. The app will be available for download on Google Play for Android and on the AppStore for iOS. Instructions for downloading the app will come on the back of each Mc Fries package and also on the site. Artists that will illustrate the special packages: - Australia: David Spencer, title: ‘The Perfect Kick’e’. - Brazil: Eduardo Kobra, title: ‘The world united by football’. - Canada: Mügluc, title: ‘Unite Together’. - China: Hua Tunan, title: ‘World of Victory’. - England: Ben Mosley, title: ‘Fans of the World’. - France: Skwak, title: ‘The Maniac Football Party’. - Germany: Roman Klonek, title: ‘Freaky Fan Club’. - Japan: Doppel, title: ‘Kick the One’. - Russia: Egor Koshelev, title: ‘The Perfect Goal’. - South Africa: Adele Bantjes, title: ‘Heart of the Game’. - Spain: Martin Satí, title: ‘Flamenco Number One’. - USA: Tes One, title: ‘Formations’. Various communication and marketing actions were planned to support this program, including the publication of a You Tube video with incredible moves with the ball. Watch below: