Get to know the agencies behind Brazil's World Cup

Por: 0 7 de Julho de 2014

There are hundreds of promotional operations of all kinds, spread through airports, areas around the stadiums, Fan Fests, Hospitality centers, hotels, mansions, event venues and outlets. According to the evaluation of executives' from promo agencies, the increment in revenue generated by the World Cup should be around 20%, and about 10,000 manufacturing professionals and services are directly involved with the activations. Eighty percent of all investment in promotion is concentrated in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, following the logic of prioritizing investments. CEO Rodrigo Rivellino_Foto_(Foto: Divulgação/Agência Aktuellmix). Rodrigo Rivelino (photo) highlights the complexity of performing in 12 venues simultaneously and the expertise required for this. "Brazil is a continent. The budget has been set and there's no contingency. Operate for more than 30 days managing situations that arise at each site, keeping up the budget, is no easy task and at times like this becomes clear why specialized agencies like ours exist. If you have no experience in this field the result can be frightening and harms the customer's investment. "   "It takes extra caution even with those most basic operations we are used to create. The World Cup factor weighs. Our agency is based was chosen in Sao Paulo to take care of the actions in the Northeast, always supported by an engineer coming from Sao Paulo" said report Vanessa Moreira, director of 3Promo Salvador, one of the agencies activating the Workd Cup in Salvador, Natal and Recife. The pop-up formula inspired by the international trend Rooftop Bar which appeared in the Brazilian market in January by agency Hands for Heineken returned with force and is the highlight of the World Cup. There are plenty of spaces for Day-Parties and a lot of movement. And the gift is present in all situations. More or less sophisticated, it shows usefulness and bears the marks of all sponsors in the hands of guests from all over the world. See the promotional agencies behind Brazil's World Cup: A VERA!: Terraço Lagoa Lounge, ownership share, in Rio de Janeiro, the exclusive space during the World Cup focus everything a good carioca likes: football, food and lifestyle. The party continues until the final game on 13/07. terra lagoa_AVERA 9aktuellmix: The agency is responsible for the operation of "Passport to Happiness in 14 airports in 12 host cities." It also has created and is running the space Commercial Display of Coca-Cola inside the stadiums in 11 host cities of the World Cup. Last but not least is also activating the "Oi Guys" space, in the Fifa Fan Fest of Rio de Janeiro, Fortaleza and Sao Paulo. b!ferraz: Hospitality da Apex-Brasil. Efforts will be focused within Hospitality, to promote the creation of sustainable businesses through networking events, where relations between Brazilian and foreign businessmen will be strengthened. Banco de Eventos: Hotel Budweiser and Hotel Hublot in Rio de Janeiro and Brahma Deck in front of the Maracana. Itaú bleachers in stadiums; Mc Donald's and Budweiser in the ??Hospitality Center at Maracanã. To perform all these promotional activities Banco de Eventos hired more than 900 professionals, including technicians, set designers, producers, engineers, producers, receptionists, artistic producers, security, cleaning, etc.

Foto: Divulgação. hotel budweiser_copa do mundo
Invent: Vila do Neymar Jr. in Brazilian malls. The setting is a large and friendly village, with spaces that symbolize the routine of this athlete during his childhood. The little ones will visit with a guide, many of Vila environments such as school, the soccer field, the hair salon and also the player's home are part of the entertainment space around soccer. Marcativa: Budweiser House in Salvador. The Solar Cunha Guedes mansion, built in the nineteenth century, and located in one of the noblest areas of Salvador - Corridor of Victory - was specifically tailored to meet the public during the games. Netza: – Vivo at Hospitality Center of Itaquerão stadium. Meeting points, relationship spaces for clients and strategic partners of company are installed in hotels along 8 cities - Belo Horizonte (MG), Brasília (DF), Fortaleza (CE), Manaus (AM), Porto Alegre RS), Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Salvador (BA) and São Paulo (SP), during 47 matches of the World Cup.
Foto: Divulgação.
hospitality center vivo netzaOutPromo – Continental at the Hospitality Center of 12 host cities. SRCom: Fifa Fan Fest Copacabana. A screen of 133m² was installed to make possible the whole beach to watch the matches in HD. Zerotrês: This agency created many promotional activities in Rio de Janeiro, like OI Torcida Brasil (for sponsors Oi, Ambev, Secretaria Estadual de Esporte e Lazer, among others), Marina da Glória Festival (main sponsors Oi and Ambev). Copa da Boa, activation of 25 streetsin the city, with four schools of samba, concerts and infrastructure for Ambev, as well as setting and activation of Stand da Brahma at Fifa Fun Fest (Ambev). Tudo: The project "Batucada de Coração", which collected the heartbeat of fans all over the country for the campaign of Itaú and within the Fan Fests. It will be two initiatives of live marketing: ‘Banco da Seleção’, in four cities (São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Fortaleza e Belo Horizonte) and ‘Convocação’, in eight host cities (Porto Alegre, Curitiba, Cuiabá, Brasília, Manaus, Recife, Natal and Salvador). [caption id="attachment_402676" align="aligncenter" width="533"]Cubo Itaú. Cubo da Transformação do Itaú.[/caption]  Fazer Eventos e Merchandising AmBev at Arena Fonte Nova (Salvador), merchandising in POS. Atabaq: activation of Claro HDTV in bars, restaurants and gyms around the city of Salvador. Free Space: The agency is activating Cemil, getting passengers from airport Belo of Horizonte and Fortaleza with a stunt of distribution of samples and gifts. [caption id="attachment_402913" align="aligncenter" width="480"]Free Space Free Space em ação nos aeroportos.[/caption] Case Marketing: Fifa for Hope using Pixman system around internal areas and in the Hospitality Center at Maracanã. Clubbe TGT: activation for tequila José Cuervo (Aurora) in bars of Salvador along with Red Action. Fermento Promo: "Caixa Fun Zone" in the airports of 12 host cities. [caption id="attachment_402759" align="aligncenter" width="562"]Fun Zone Caixa em Confins. Fun Zone Caixa em Confins.[/caption] Figer 360 -  Ministry of Foreign Commerce of Ecuador with stand in the mall and actions in bars in Brasilia and Tourism of Spain with actions in Memorial of Curitiba and Cervantes Institute in Sao Paulo. Innova: huge flags in Vivo buildings in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. MashUp Agência: sales campaign for Cosan Lubrificantes. 3Promo: Johnson & Johnson and Itaú at Fan Fest Salvador and O Boticário for Opção X. Up Time Comunicação: Call to CEF at Camp Farroupilha of the World Cup in Porto Alegre. WF Promoções e Eventos: refurbishment and ambiance of Coca-Cola POS around the Arena Fonte Nova and sights of Salvador.