Get offline for three days to win shoes from Diesel

Por: 0 26 de Novembro de 2012

Diesel is encouraging its fans to get disconnected from their social media life for at least three days for a chance to win 20 shoes from Diesel, to the re-launch of the YUK Pre-Internet, shoe from 1993. “Stop sharing things online for three days and you could win 20 pairs of shoes! Select Facebook to participate, add Twitter and Instagram to complete the challenge faster, calls the brand. Get back to the pre-Internet time, when life was also cool, go do various real things, meet different people and have real offline fun just it was two decades ago. To join the initiative, which runs till January 12, 2013, users from around the globe are invited to go to the dedicated page, where they can find the pledge form. They are asked to accept the challenge by promising not to post on Facebook (Twitter and Instagram, too, if chosen by the user) for three days. Once you click the “Go Offline” button, Diesel posts an announcement message to your FB timeline saying “[Name] is enjoying a pre-internet experience and has gone offline for a couple of days. But don’t despair, she/he is probably going places, doing things, meeting people and having fun.” In addition, the brand is posting a series of informational visuals with the #daystolive hashtag on Facebook, which tell users how much time in their life average people spend on different stupid things including talking to intimate objects, deleting spam, dreaming of being a superhero, etc.