Get a sweater from Coca-Cola

Por: 0 21 de Novembro de 2013

For a few years now, it's become a bit of a thing to have an ironic Christmas jumper. Usually featuring slightly ridiculous Christmassy motifs, it is a garment that can only be worn in public along with a knowing grin. This year, Coca-Cola is encouraging the public to get competitive with their Christmas jumper designs, via the use of the 'Coke Zero Sweater Generator'. The Sweater Generator is a straightforward concept: a website where users can use simple tools to design their own Christmas jumper, which comes complete with a little bit of Coke branding on the waistband. Once finished, your design will enter a gallery on the site, where other users can vote on it until December 1 – the top 100 designs will then be knitted and sent to the creators. The competition is only open to residents of the USA.