Gatorade transforms bottles in goalposts

Por: 0 1 de Julho de 2014 03:21

In Brazil, the beach is a large soccer field and everybody ends up turning any object to improvise goalposts in a game among friends. Sandal, coconut sticks or anything available can be put together to practice the national passion. To make life easier for players, Gatorade and Lew'Lara \ TBWA created the "Gooal Gatorade", a limited edition of special fittings that uniquely connect the bottles of Gatorade to mount football goalposts. gatorade trave de gol The idea behind this promotional marketing activity is to reuse the packaging of Gatorade in a fun way, to suppor the culture of transformation of any beach onto a football field. It also encourages visitors to keep the beach with less waste and more goals. The fittings were distributed by promoters on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, attracting even more players and improving the structure of matches.