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Frontline asks fans to selfie with their pets

Por: 0. 24 de Julho de 2014

The promotional marketing involving animals are everywhere. Not just focusing on the diet for the own pets, but mostly in favor of disadvantaged animals ... In France Frontline recently created an operation called # 1dosedamour, aiming to help abandoned animals dewormed. The "dose of love" is a donation that the brand promises to do, every time a person take a selfie with your pet.

marketing promocional  frontline self com animais de estimação promotional marketing

The idea is simple: after making a selfie with a dog or cat, users just need to place it on the social networks with the hashtag #1dosedamour. The goal of the brand is to receive 10,000 selfies and donate 10 000 doses of Frontline between July and September. The action of promotional marketing has barely begun and is already a success, especially on Instagram where cats are kings - some even have communities of over a million fans, as Nala Cat A recent and super cool action involving trademarks and animals, was taken by IKEA in Singapore. To encourage adoption of animals, the brand, in partnership with an NGO, distributed totem cardboards with a picture of real dogs in municipal shelters, placed near furniture and fixtures sold in Ikea. The totems contained a QR code for the website of the NGO. See ths promotional marketing (in Portuguese) here.