Carbeque, a car transformed into a BBQ

Por: 0 30 de Novembro de 2012

To promote the australian radio program Merrick and the Highway Patrol, Watts spent more than $ 156,000 to modify a 1973 Ford Landau. Called Carbeque, the automobile has a grill integrated with the engine. The same gas that makes the car works also cooks the meat. "How many times are you driving somewhere, and there’s nowhere you can have a barbecue? You Just pull over and start cooking", Merrick Watts told in an interview for a site. Show producer Elle Conwell said that the Carbeque will be used for promotional appearances. Carbeque can withstand nine T-Bone steaks a tone time. That means the car can pump out around 35 pounds of steak within the hour, or around 200 sausages. The car is getting support from some auto experts such as James May of the BBC series, Top Gear, who liked the idea with some caveats. "When I first read the message, and saw it’s a car with a BBQ, I thought we’ve done that, but then I looked at the pictures, and I thought, hang on, this is an actual integrated BBQ," he told Conwell by e-mail. "It strikes me that in the modern world you have to make your accessories and devices multi-tasking, you should be cooking whilst driving to an event, otherwise you might as well just drive to a restaurant. See the video that shows the car being unveiled: