Burger King post tweets in a restaurant in Paris

Por: 0 25 de Junho de 2014 03:08

The fast food chain Burger King has made a remarkable comeback in France, with the emergence of a new store in Paris in the Saint Lazare train station. It was a resounding success in 2014, with visitors queuing several tens of minutes to finally taste the "Grail". In June 2014, the brand has collaborated with Buzzman agency to answer questions from users.

BK Paris Users tweets were posted in the streets of Paris on the facades of sites on the window of a restaurant, with responses to each question Burger King. A fun and shifted the brand operation, which has been a great success, especially on social networks. It even learns through some tweet @ AudreyMarvel that BK had also opened a new shop in Reims. Thanks to this ingenious signed Buzzman operation, Burger King proves to be closer than ever to its French fans, and most importantly, listening to their concerns.