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Beer brand 34 built an statue for it's customers

Por: 0. 9 de Junho de 2015

When it comes to promotional marketing's strategies, seems to be no limit to creativity, an example of this is the beer brand 34 made a strategy of inadequate promotion from the point of view of the provisions, but eventually learned reward their consumers and make them live a unique experience. In Georgia, 34 beer brand was able to increase its sales by 230% after the price increase of their product to consumers without offering something in return or some extra benefit. It seems illogical, even for customers who came to the dealer and found beer at prices never seen before, however, there were some who decided to buy it regardless of this detail.

Photo: YouTube'/Reproduction.
Beer 34 Perhaps the above is because the target of this beer is very loyal to the brand, because your audience is composed of experts in beer and new fans to this drink that significantly higher than its domestic competition quality. So the promotional marketing action this time was to build a statue in the city center of Georgia with the faces of these consumers who decided to buy the beer itself but the price was very high. Then the video that you created engagement with their audience is.