Barcelona will open Ferrari Park in 2016

Por: 0 11 de Junho de 2015

In 2016, Barcelona will open a theme park under the seal of Ferrari, the second attraction, besides Italy, named the company's sports cars. This is a park that will be built by Investindustrial, the same company that capitalized park construction in Italy. Its services include a trip to the heart of a 12-cylinder Ferrari 599 engine, also the Formula Rossa is actually a roller coaster which can be experienced accelerated to 150 mph in less than five seconds. preview-of-ferrari-land-theme-park-set-to-be-built-in-barcelona-spain_100460681_lUnlike the park in Italy called Abu Dhabi and measuring 200 thousand square meters, the attraction in Barcelona will have a size of 75 thousand square meters. However, the added value is that will have a faster and higher than the Italian upright accelerator. Another advantage is that it will have the first Ferrari themed hotel, which in its way will be a front wing F1, and it promises will be a five-star hotel comprised of 250 rooms and a driving simulator. In a statement, Ferrari said remain committed to building theme parks in Europe, as this gives them the opportunity to generate greater branding, along fans live a whole live marketing experience through adrenaline.