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Airport creates portal to show the weather

Por: 0. 20 de Junho de 2015

Plan a trip to another part of the world involves a whole process, from choosing the destination, the airline in which traveling, but the main concern is to hit the kind of clothes to put in the luggage. If you work in a company that is constantly traveling without notice, you can discover the atmosphere of which will be going, especially at Arlanda Airport in Stockholm.

Photo: Reproduction/YouTube.

Climate Portal

Concerned about the passengers, a live marketing action was created by the airport, which can tell the mood of where they are going, this thanks to a "climate portal" that shows the conditions at the moment, and makes you feel cold, rain, heat , high winds, depending on location. This installation consists of three cabins, where passengers can experience from the Sahara desert heat, polar winds from Canada or rainy weather in New York. This marketing strategy used by the airport offers users a unique experience, as it gives them the opportunity to do some last minute shopping, for example, sunglasses or an extra sweater. Here we leave the video of the action at Arlanda airport in Stockholm: