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Volvo in social action to save water

Por: Adsoftheworld. 6 de Novembro de 2015

Do not wash the car (especially models of Volvo) is equivalent to a saving of 68 million liters of water per month, at least so says Steve Hinkle, president and CEO of Volvo in San Diego, California. Based on these data, it developed a social marketing action to preserve the vital liquid.

Since Hinkle has been heavily involved in environmental protection issues, arose #DrivingDirty, action insists that Californians do not wash the car for a month.

Photo: Disclosure.

"Environmental sustainability is extremely important for the brand and we are excited to help inspire Californians to do their part in this terrible drought. If you have multiple cars in your garage, Volvo expects you forget it's usual November's washing, and join the #DrivingDirty "said John Militello, chief executive of Volvo in North America.

According to Volvo, if a car is not washed once, this can save enough water for a person to the toilet flush the toilet 10 times, to use the dishwasher once or even one cycle in the washing machine.

Here is the video of the brand appeal to water savings: