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US bank makes a candy made house in live mkt action

Por: Adsoftheworld 23 de Dezembro de 2015 00:01

Promoting the services of a bank is not easy because for many people it is difficult to understand the language used by employees of the site, thus to raise awareness and generate engagement with the customer, promotional maketing actions are heavily used, as did the US bank PNC bank.

And to engage more people and get them to purchase their services, he joined the agency Deutsch to create a live action very sweet and delicious marketing that not only attracted the attention of adults but also children.

Photo: Disclosure.

A replica made entirely of biscuits and sweets agency surprised the bank's customers. So who went to the bank to make withdrawals or any other service, won a candy sample. Thus go to the bank was sweeter.

Here we leave the video of this sweet action that happened in the United States: