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Toys' R Us creates an Awesome catolog for Christmas

Por: Adsoftheworld. 28 de Outubro de 2015

The purpose of a catalog is always capture the attention of the viewer to acquire the products advertised in it, now the Toys' R Us brand decided to make it more interactive and to allow for Christmas, children can play with what there is announces.

Using crayons and mobile phones it is possible that the children who are in possession of a catalog for the upcoming holiday season brand toys Toys' R Us to interact with different products for different ages and tastes.

This innovative catalog called The Great Big Toys' R Us Book of Awesome and is the first of its kind, which has 96 pages full of fun.

This innovation falls on the grounds promotional marketing actions, Rich Lennox, Toys' R Us chief marketing officer, said he wanted to innovate in their promotional channel so they decided to create a catalog that would be a magical vehicle.

To make the most enriching experience, consumers should download the new app Geoffrey Shuffle can even interact with the catalog through a 3D game and even invite a friend. The following video shows how this catalog works.