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Subway in London becomes stage for live marketing action

Por: Adsoftheworld 15 de Janeiro de 2016

Promote a film implies for distributors and producers develop very creative ideas, and should not give many details of the plot of the film, however, can take advantage of features of some characters or even the soundtrack, as did Warner Bros. In London .

A few days before the premiere of the new movie boxer Rocky, Creed, the American producer decided to reinforce activation on the London Underground, where the stairs were a key part to this live marketing action.

Photo: Reproduction / Youtube.

The people who descended from the trains and chose the conventional stairs were surprised as they went up by a band and a group of runners who celebrated the feat by simulating the most famous scene from the first film Rocky Balboa.

This fun idea generated awareness of the film and certainly the "victims" of this action felt part of one of the most famous films in history: