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Social marketing shares happiness through soccer

Por: Adsoftheworld. 5 de Janeiro de 2016

Football is a sport that brings people together regardless of social class, religion or ethnicity, so many brands have chosen to sponsor this discipline because sabemque doing so can strengthen engagement with their consumers.

One of these social actions wich could unite people and bring a little happiness was due to the Benfica Foundation.

Photo: Disclosure.

Along with the agency O EScritório, the sports club Sport Lisboa e Benfica, who is known simply as Benfica, decided to bring happiness to a group of children of Puerto Mosquito, a small island where children play soccer barefoot, but, Team star gave them a big surprise.

As an action of social marketing, the club decided to give them a couple of small soccer cleats so they could play like the pros, but the emotion was greater when the lucky children decided to give one of his shoes for another child everyone could feel a professional.

Here we leave the video of this exciting action: