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Social marketing helps homeless people from New York

Por: Adsoftheworld. 1 de Janeiro de 2016

The problem of homelessness is not unique to the third world or developing countries, therefore, only in New York, one of the world's richest cities about 60,000 people spend the night in the streets, parks or refuges.

Some organizations, however, do their best to help people who live in this situation as unfortunate. Among them, Volksbond helps these people by giving them the opportunity to be extras in films or commercials.

Photo: Disclosure.

Along with DDB & Tribal Agency, this NGO dedicated to helping those without a home to live decided to create an additional agency where the homeless can get a stable job and earn their own money and help make them more optimistic and change your lifestyle.

This action of social marketing, is that all interested parties on extras for their commercials, movies or any other video in the Netherlands enter the page where they have to fill out a form specifying how many needed extras, location and recording time and then Volksbond manages and sends its staff.

The video shows the story of three people who have radically changed their lives to participate as extras, and they felt loved and useful to society.