Brand Experience

Samsung uses it's edge tecnology for promotional action

Por: Adage 15 de Outubro de 2015

Samsung  used a clever live marketing action in Sweden to show the potential of its new phone model, the Galaxy S6 edge plus. For this the brand used a digital display showing the information about what was happening around the corner.

The action developed by DDB Stockholm Agency and in partnership with Stopp company wich built the device that does exactly what the new phone from Samsung can do, to show the information on the screen's edge.

Photos: Disclosure.

The invention installed in a corner of a street in Stockholm, showed real-time text messages to warn pedestrians to what was happening in real time around the corner.

People were surprised to read the messages, for example, to take care of the skater, or even saying there was a parking space next door. Even compliments were made to some passersby on site.