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Quaker serves cereal in a funny way in subway station

Por: Adsoftheworld. 22 de Dezembro de 2015

A good breakfast is essential for a person to start the day with energy, so it is important to eat foods that nourish and activate the body. Using this knowlege, Quaker, brand specialized in products made from oats decided to motivate passengers of a train station in Belgium, with a live marketing action in a style "robotic".

Quaker brand cereals is preferred by thousands of people in the United States, according to this year closed with sales of approximately $ 771 million, demonstrating its power in this sector.

Photo: Disclosure.

In partnership with Frienship agency, Quaker installed a kiosk in the middle of a Belgian train station so people could enjoy a bowl of cereal before leaving for their commitments.

But the biggest surprise was that the "chefs" were robots that automatically preparing a bowl of oatmeal accompanied by chopped fruit.

Below the video of this fun and nourishing action of the Quaker metro station: