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Purell shows how many germs a hand can have

Por: Adsoftheworld 21 de Outubro de 2015

The hands are the most exposed part of our body to germs, because every day we interact with various objects of which we do not know if they were touched by a sick person or not. So the antiseptic brand Purell developed a promotional marketing action to show how these germs proliferate.

The brand took a scientist to an elementary school in the United States to explain to a group of children the importance of washing your hands, because if this is not done often, can accumulate large numbers of bacteria that can not be seen but can lead cause some diseases.

Photo: Disclosure.

As part of the activation scientist asked each child put his hand in a special container for analysis and then show how many germs had on the palm of each student.

Three weeks later, she went back to school and showed children the germs that grew in the hand shape them and the reaction was much surprised to see how your hands can contain as many germs.