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Promotional marketing action uses instagram's photos in Africa

Por: Adsoftheworld 9 de Dezembro de 2015 00:01

Social networks have become allies for brands when it comes to promotional marketing, because through them the message reaches more people and more directly and quickly, so that the Hollard insurance South African Insurance and Investments, decided to entrust on Instagram to publicize their services.

With the action "Love your stuff", the insurance company used 53 photos from this network and placed on billboards on the main streets and parks of the cities in which it operates with the slogan "If it's worth sharing, It's worth insuring".

Photo: Disclosure.

Responsible for carrying out this marketing campaign was the M & C Saatchi Abel agency that tried to convey the idea that there are things that really worth ensuring these children, a car or even a business because you never know when something might happen to change their lives.

Hollard Insurance and Investment, has been characterized as a brand that focuses on outdoor advertising billboards is also used to promote its image. Below we will leave two videos showing their promotional activities: