Brand Experience

Promotional coupons are given to anyone who can carry them

Por: Adsoftheworld 20 de Novembro de 2015

Forget the cut coupons from newspapers or practical online coupons, a health high performance training gym decided to release a promotional action wich is only suitable for those who are prepared for the challenge.

Iron Kore Performance Training is a physical training service for people truly committed to the development of strength and endurance power of your body.

On their website has a warning "This is not an aerobics class, light workout, conditioning or" all, to ward off lazy, and those who do not care to pick up at heavyweight.

To reinforce the identity of their training seriously, the company hired Cossette agency to develop an action promotional marketing out of the ordinary.

The idea was to give coupons exchanged for a month of training, but not everyone can get the benefit. The coupons were printed in concrete blocks the paper invez!

They were stacked in public places, challenging people to lead them and receive the prize. It's a fun idea, and probably few have managed to bring heavy load (for the coupon itself), but brand awareness in the task is successful.