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Poster shows the perfection of promotional marketing in Japan

Por: Adsoftheworld 13 de Janeiro de 2016

A dry wash store in Japan, the Hakusetsusha wanted to communicate the excellence in their work through a simple promotional marketing action, inexpensive but powerful.

Thus the Grey advertising agency developed a special poster that was put in a corner in the shopping district of Harajuku, one of the busiest areas in Tokyo.

Photo: Disclosure.

The poster shows a giant slacks whose line the crease is exactly street corner and giving an impression that it is flawless. The slogan on the poster translates as "double checked". The goal was to show that in Hakusetsusha clothes come out perfectly clean and pressed.

This marketing action became a viral phenomenon in Japanese networks through social media and news blogs. The strategy also shows the size of the impact that small businesses can generate.