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Pizzeria made a nice live marketing action

Por: Adsoftheworld 2 de Dezembro de 2015 00:01

Activation has become the marketing strategy preferred by manufacturers to bring their products to consumers, because through them, they can know firsthand and buy either inside or outside the point of sale, as it did California Pizza Kitchen in Mexico.

According to data, this fast food retailer was one of the brands of pizza more sales had in the United States, reached just over $ 138 million, with DiGiorno which reigned in this sector because its sales were $ 957 million.

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To encourage people from a shopping center in Avenue Patriotism in Mexico City would come to his store, California Pizza Kitchen made a fun activation at the entrance of the square.

The activity was that people had to hit the center of a dart board with a magnetic order to be a personal pizza.

This simple live marketing action, only required a small cart to keep hot pizzas, a board and a person who gave the instructions to the participants, showing that big budgets are needed to create awareness.