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Pizza Hut creates clothing collection for social action

Por: Adsoftheworld 11 de Janeiro de 2016 00:01

Sometimes it is thought that the fast food joints realization of social marketing actions using only food, but this time was different, Pizza Hut created a line of clothing and accessories to raise funds for the World Food Program (WFP).

The brand created the website: where people choose clothes like shirts, yoga pants or hood related to pizza or maybe caps, sunglasses, and many other accessories with pizza slices prints, and some pieces with phrases Funny related to pizza, which was a perfect ingredient for the success of this action.

Photos: Pizza Hut's Site.

All profit from the sale of these clothes will go to the WPF, which will use the funds to strengthen its school feeding program that applies worldwide and other food assistance programs.

According to Millward Brown, Pizza Hut fast food is the most valuable sixth of the retail world, (this in 2015) has a brand value of eight thousand 511 million dollars, second only to Starbucks (29 000 313 million ) and McDonald (81 billion 162 million dollars).