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Nintendo presents children during a live mkt action

Por: Adsoftheworld 30 de Dezembro de 2015

Christmas can be a very stressful time when it comes to shopping for gifts, inside a mall or supermarket, as there are always lots of people, and everyone wants to buy the best gift before anyone else, so Nintendo decided to give them a peace time, especially for children.

The games brand held a live marketing action in the United States, where Mario Bros, the classic character of Nintendo speaks and plays with those who was interacting, and even plays with them, let them spend a pleasant time away from the hustle and Holiday Shopping noise.

Photo: Disclosure.

This was certainly a very fun experience for those who have ventured into a chat with the most famous encandor the world, and at the end of the conversation all won gorgeous Nintendo presents.

Below the video of this action rejoiced the Christmas many children: