Netflix creates gadget to make life easier for viewers

Por: Adage.. 29 de Setembro de 2015

Netflix know how much its viewers like to relax while watching your favorite series. Aiming to enhance the experience the brand has developed a gadget to please their customers.

As a form of promotional marketing, the digital agency Deeplocal, worked with electronic engineers to build a switch to turn out the lights, take food orders via phone and turn on the Netflix all in one.


If you are interested in purchasing yours, there is a website on the instructions are given to build one, and put their own ideas and preferences.

Note: the site says you should feel "comfortable" for the use of welding and have a sound knowledge in electronic programming area before embarking on this experience. The "Netflix Switch" wich name was given, has been shown last weekend at Maker Faire, in New York.

Below the video of how to build this invention: