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Milka action touches the heart of Ukrainians

Por: Adsoftheworld. 3 de Dezembro de 2015

A marketing strategy that aims the emotional your target audience is certainly among the best strategies in the market, and that's the way the brand Milka chocolates have exploited this feature almost all of its shares in order to create engaging and above all a emotional connection between consumers and the brand.

One example is the Message Contest action that was conducted by Saatchi & Saatchi agency in Ukraine, which was to give the brand consumers the opportunity to present messages of affection to your loved ones through billboards Milka.

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Thus, the brand gave an opportunity for customers to spread their tender external media messages, such as billboards and advertising panels, or via the Internet or on television.

The action had the desired results, with 25 cities of Ukraine have been hit, in which customers sent their messages of love to be seen by thousands of people. The most mentioned words in the tender messages were: mother and love.

This strategy is an example of how the emotional marketing achieves greater brand awareness and higher engagement than any other that does not involve the feelings of the target audience.