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Live marketing action wich draws a smile from people in Thailand

Por: Adsoftheworld. 23 de Novembro de 2015

With a 11 billion brand value of USD 52 million, Tesco ranks sixth among the 20 most valuable retailers in the UK, according to statistics, and also provides a sales value for the end of 2015 close to EUR 106 million , its best period since 2010, when it had sales of 77 billion euros.

Knowing that customers today prefer retailers that give them a shopping experience, the brand has taken steps to surprise your audience, such as promotional marketing activities within their stores and even outside them, as their last live marketing action held in Thailand, where Tesco offered a very pleasant surprise for the workers on the streets.

Photo: Disclosure.

To do this through drones, balloons and remote trucks, Tesco Lotus Express sent glasses with face of a mensagense motivational smiling cat were sent to a police officer, a group of students, a street sweepers, among other characters.

This action was developed by mlnteraction, Bangkok agency, and here we leave the video as creative marketing action: