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LG performs epic battle between delicate clothes and regular ones

Por: Adsoftheworld 20 de Janeiro de 2016

To activate it's new washing machine, LG made an incredible live marketing action to perform a stunning street fight between two rival gangs, the delicate clothes and regular ones. There are no human beings inside the garment. Instead, pants, dresses, shirts, blouses and jackets furiously fight in an alley.

The plot of this dispute shows the daily fight between the doios groups of clothes to be washed, but with the new invention of LG this fight can have a happy ending, put his Twin Wash has two compartments to wash all the clothes with no problem.

Photo: Disclosure.

"The TwinWash is a major release for LG, so that the place needed to feel equally as big," "We also wanted a story that could resonate around the world." Says Kevin Daley, creative director of Hill Hollyday group, which was responsible for this action.

The staging was performed in Times Square by choreographers Joshua Bergass and Jim Henson, and puppet workshop Michael Schupbach. For this to happen, puppets were used five meters high.

Check out the video: