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Lenovo tablet's activation goes beyond the possibilities

Por: Adsoftheworld 17 de Dezembro de 2015

Nowadays tablets are getting almost always the same. But Lenovo has gone beyond and fully innovated, creating a tablet that has a projector.

According to studies, the market share of Lenovo in the third quarter 2015 was 6.3 percent, one of its best quarters and nothing compared to the second quarter of 2012, when its share was only 1.2 percent.

Photo: Disclosure.

This time, to enable its newest invention, the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3Pro, technological brand decided to show that your projector is used for any surface, literally any surface even, and this together with the Ogilvy & Mather agency was created one jacket that becomes a "screen" to see what comes out of the tablet.

With this promotional action, Lenovo shows that in addition to launching such an innovative product, they still need to explore all of its possibilities.

Below the video of the tablet-projector and a jacket plus screen, has beautiful prints made by professional artists: