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HSBC motivates people to accomplish their goals

Por: Adsoftheworld. 18 de Janeiro de 2016

Create positive experiences with customers is something that not all banks can achieve, because most of the time is your lousy service that creates a bad impression for the institution, however HSBC decided to not only create pleasant experiences but sought to motivate meet your goals in this 2016.

Along with the J. Walter Thompson agency Dubai, HSBC decided to create a live action marketing for those who do not mind waking up early to exercise and lead a healthier life on the first day of the year.

Photo: Disclosure.

For this, the mark left several objects such as bicycles, cameras, Surf boards, wireless headphones, streets and sidewalks where people tend to exercise and showing a message: "First one here?. Take this ...."

At first, people did not know how to react, because the objects in front of them that would help them achieve their goals, however, there was fear and that everything could be a trap, to the daring first get the object to aid in activity daily, "Here's to you start 2016 like a champ", was the message that came out by taking the product of the fence.

With this action, the bank made it clear that with a touch of creativity may surprise the customer anywhere and create an enjoyable experience. Check out the video of those who woke up early to go after your goals: