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Household items become toys in social action

Por: Adsoftheworld. 4 de Janeiro de 2016

Christmas is the perfect time for brands, then, is this era where brands strive to make social marketing actions, as did the Chilean toy store Sodimac Home Center that turned into various household articles in children's toys.

Data from Interbrand claim that this is the seventh most valuable retail brand in Latin America during 2014, because it had a value of 381 million dollars below Liverpool (485 million dollars), Oxxo (two thousand 615 million dollars) and Natura three thousand 165 million dollars.

Photo: Disclosure.

Along with the McCann agency Sodimac rejoiced Christmas arias Peruvian children with foosball done tub and forks, gloves and sponges puppets, or rockets made cones, ropes and bathtubs.

This social action shows that the brand is not only concerned about being recognized for its products and services, but also for the welfare of his people.

Below the video showing the joy of children to receive gifts: