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Giant vending-machine offers cars in USA

Por: Adsoftheworld. 19 de Novembro de 2015

The automotive industry has shown tremendous growth since a few years ago, as only 2012 were sold all over the world about 64 million vehicles, while the end of this year, sales are expected to reach the 72 million mark units, nothing comparable to the 90, where 39 million cars were sold, according to statistical data.

But the buying process is still somewhat slow and outdated as people have to go through a lot of bureaucracy and paperwork to be able to acquire a car, besides having to visit the huge exhibition courtyard to see the colors and models, and above all , hear everything that vendor has to say to make the sale at any cost.

Photo: Disclosure.

But everything can change thanks to a brilliant idea of ??Carvana, an US startup that promises to change the way we buy cars and therefore created the first major vending-machine which features real cars and trucks.

But not everyone can buy a car this machine, the applicant must choose in the Carvana site (which is fully online sale), from the model, colors and all available options, finally, choose the method of payment and signing a contract.

One can choose from that will take your car straight home or pick you up at vending-machine installed in Nashville, Tennessee. Obviously, people choose the second option and the company gives them a special coin to pick up the car.

Here we leave the video that explains how this new machine, which may seem like fiction, but it is more real than ever: