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Giant box falls on sidewalks Finland

Por: Adsoftheworld. 8 de Dezembro de 2015

With creativity and ingenuity you can promote any product, even the most unlikely, as a cheddar cheese. The key to everything is to hit the key message and link it to the public, especially when it comes to promotional marketing strategy.

In Finland, cheddar cheese brand Arla conducted an activation that was named "gift from above"  and, as its name implies, looks like a huge box of this product fell from sky high to fall into one public square in that European country.

Photo: Disclosure.

The action was repeated in different locations for a few days of November, to the surprise of passers-by, who undoubtedly stopped to see the huge box and generating the notoriety of the product brand.

The idea was given by the creative agency 358, which showed that even a product that seems hard to promote a promotional campaign, you can create a big impact if the idea is well grounded and implemented.