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Free Wi-fi in exchange for help

Por: Adsoftheworld 27 de Outubro de 2015 00:01

China is the most populous countries in the world, therefore the penetration of smartphones protruding from the world average, as there are around 600 million mobile phone users which undoubtedly is a great channel for mobile marketing actions developed by brands or institutions in that country.

Therefore the Baobeihuijia organization dedicated to finding missing children decided to launch a social marketing action wich is based on the Wi-Fi it is in the country.

Given the problems that each year about 200 thousand children are lost and only 0.1 percent is found, the NGO decided to act, so he created a special Wi-Fi network so that when people will use appear to them the image of lost children, they had to share them in their social networks to gain access to the free service.

With this action that also falls into the category of social marketing, the NGO aims to help parents who have lost children and who have not realize an exhaustive search for the lack of economic resources.