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Coca-Cola's bottles transformed into gifts for Christmas

Por: Adsoftheworld. 4 de Dezembro de 2015

As part of its Christmas promotional marketing action, Coca-Cola has created a label for the bottles in limited edition, which can be folded easily and become a gift tape. A strategy that has everything to do with the Christmas atmosphere.

Although this is a simple idea can be well received by consumers during this holiday season when gifts are in order high, this label can be used to surprise friends and loved ones.

The original packaging will be available in bottles of 1.75 liters of Coca-Cola, and in all its versions: Coca-Cola, Coke Zero, Diet Coke and Coca-Cola Life. 

Note that this promotional campaign is part of the "Share a little happiness" and will be sold in the UK from the first of December, so that consumers can use this tape to decorate their Christmas presents.