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Coca Cola sends a message wich a few people can see

Por: 29 de Dezembro de 2015

Advertising Agency Essencius recently launched in Denmark a promotional marketing action for Coca-Cola, but only about 5 percent of the population was able to really get the brand's message.

That's because the "hidden" logo on a full picture of bubbles in green and brown shades to most viewers. (Technically, they are referred to as reverse images Ishihara.) Color blind people, however, they saw the word "life" in the picture.

"Our idea is based on the premise involve many targeting the few," says Brian Orland, managing partner of Essencius. "To surprise people and make them curious about the hidden message in the action has had a great impact on engagement rate."

The images appeared in digital ads, social media, billboards and sampling sessions of department stores. According to the agency, the unorthodox approach has generated substantial numbers, reaching more than 17 percent of the Danish population between 10 and 60 years old.

Photo: Disclosure.

This unusual strategy appears to be in line with the general trend towards social inclusion in advertising, and recalls the obsession of brands a few months ago with the color of a particular dress.

That said, retailers should proceed with caution. Some people may interpret such promotions as exploitative or offensive, and take brands to task for trying to leverage the unique qualities or perceptions of specific groups for commercial gain. Fortunately for Coca-Cola in Denmark, the message was very well received.