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CKSK & Sol Capture Espiritu Libre with Sol Search

Por: CKSK 5 de Novembro de 2015

Headquartered in Ireland, CKSK agency has partnered with Sol beer to create the Sol Search, the first independent search engine in the world. This partnership could reinvent the search sites, allowing consumers to discover a world beyond the mainstream.

Because Google has 85% of the search market, the answers delivered to users are always the most popular, but not necessarily the most independent or interesting. Searching the word "pizza" in any search engine and it will most likely appear to Dominos and Pizza Hut, but try the same search in the Sol Search and you'll discover a whole world of independent pizzerias, initiated by independent entrepreneurs with great stories to tell.

O service runs on a global scale, and at the same time is resonant within each individual local market. Already living in London, England, Athens and Thessaloniki, Sol Search will soon launch on the Riviera Maya and brand native Mexico City, before rolling out across ten global markets in late 2015.

Sol beer began his career in 1899, born of the revolution during the struggle for Mexican independence. Today, the brand intends to stand for the ideals it was founded; independence, freedom and rebellion. As Digital Agency, CKSK was asked to imagine as a promotional marketing strategy could re-establish the brand on a global scale.

Graham Nolan, director of CKSK strategy, said: "Having studied the online of the oldest beer drinkers behavior, we identified that is incredibly easy to be pulled dominant behavior in digital channels Google gives you popular, traditional responses search while Facebook gives you the same conventional content of global brands. Online, we are all turning into a single homogeneous person who clicks the same content and the same retweets tweets. Discover unconventional and independent places such as bars, restaurants and cafés is difficult in the current online scenario, which is why we created Sol Search ".

Heineken acquired the global beer brand Sol in 2011, and Sun is repositioning as a premium brand of beer. The aim is to differentiate Sun in Mexican beer category, making it aspirational for consumers who are attracted to the ideas of freedom and independence.

Graham adds: "Our goal is to make the beer drinkers age 35 to consider Sun as a premium brand of beer Our consumer wants to be independent, but when you're 35 with a job, children and mortgage, it is difficult. Sun Search allows these guys can keep alive the flame of independence, discovering online cool places and encourage them to also visit the real world. "

Check out this amazing online innovation in the search industry by clicking the link Sol Search.